Kobalt Productions GmbH

What is Kobalt?

Kobalt has been devising and producing television for 17 years –magazine programmes, documentaries and live broadcasts. Most programmes revolve around pop, culture and pop culture. Our other core issue is overseas reporting.

We are a team of more than 50 strong, battle-hardened producers, camera operators, editors and directors. What drives us? Our passion for telling good stories. We love ideas and the search for new forms. We believe in our medium and we want to be the ones to develop it further.



Björk, "Army Of Me" ( WDR/ARTE) in Production; Violins Against Forgetting - The Violins of Hope in Berlin (rbb) in Production; Zero Hour - The Art Movement Zero (ZDF/ARTE), Broadcasting the 23th of March,  22h30 on ARTE; Lebanon - Searching for a way forward (3sat); Who is beautiful? A Global Search in Five Parts: Africa - Middle East - Asia - North America - Europe (ZDF/ARTE); The Escape to Europe (ZDF/ARTE)


Iceland - The Headstrong Island(3sat); NSU – Terrorism on Stage – Theatrical artists put the NSU terrorist cell on trial (3sat); The Age of the Supermodels (ZDF/ ARTE); Myanmar - Eyes ahead (3sat); World Theater - From Moscow to Santiago to Tokyo (ARTE/ZDF); Myanmar- Colonial Heritage (3sat); Lebanon - A country in Difficulties (3sat);  Saudi Arabia – Beyond the Oil (3sat); Introducing (RBB/ ARTE); Tracks Lounge (ZDF/ ARTE) ; Hauskonzert with MC Fitti & Clean Bandit, MAXIMO PARK (ARTE/ ZDF);


Beginning of the 6th part of On the road with Jack Kerouac (ARTE, director: Hannes Rossacher), worldwide programms London CallingKraftwerk - Pop Art (AT) (ARTE), Stevie Wonder - Soul Genius(AT) (NDR/ARTE), JR: Aktion Berlin (AT) (RBB/ARTE), Wir sind Demokratie (AT) (ZDF/ARTE/WDR/ORF/SRF), Meret Oppenheim (AT) (ZDF/ARTE/SRF), KulturkriegerBauer sucht KulturKöche & Moor, Grimme nomination for the T.V. programm Kulturpalast, 50 years Elysée–Special anniversary for the Franco-German friendship (ARTE), "The future of Internet" (ARTE Future ), "What to do? Answer for the future!" (ARTE Future);


Kobalt celebrate his 15. anniversary. Aside from the regular broadcasts Yourope, zdf.kulturpalast, Bauer suchtKultur und Bauer sucht Koch, Kobalt also produces the weekly arts programme Metropolis on Arte.

In addition, we are expanding our documentarycoverage with several new documentary series such as Kulturkriegerwith KatrinSandmann and London Calling. Also: live broadcasts of the series Introducing (Arte) and Berlin Live (Arte / ZDFkultur), special show Let's talk YOUROPE (Arte).


Beginning of the weekly cultural programme zdf.kulturpalast (ZDFkulture) and the live series Berlin Live (Arte/ZDFkultur).


Launch of the weekly young Europe magazine programmeYourope on Arte. Establishment of a department (Kobalt Images) for corporate video and films for public institutions under the leadership of Till Dreier.

Creation of an overseas and documentary department led by Katrin Sandman, the long-standingsenior correspondent of Pro7/Sat1.


Expansion of live coverage, transmission of Movimento Dance Award and the spectacle Die RiesenKommen for Arte.Transmission of various cultural talks for 3sat (including "Der Preiskampf" with Tita von Hardenberg) and our first major theatre production. Conversion of all technicalunits to HD.


Extensive expansion of the in-house technology to include 8 Avid editing suites, 10 camera-EB units, the creation of a VFX department and the installation of a TV studio. The team grows to 40 employees.


Production of the daily design programme Chic on Arte. Realisation of various live broadcasts from the Berlin Film Festival. Modernisation of the entire production technology with the introduction of central servers and integrated hard drive cameras.


Establishment of Kobalt Images GmbH (post production and camera) and KobaltKreationfor high-end image editing and on-air design.Creation of a live coverage department. Broadcast of the FAUSTtheatre awards (ZDFtheaterkanal and 3sat).


Production of Foyer, the only German theatre programme (ZDFtheaterkanal and 3sat), presented by Esther Schweins and Theo Koll.


Relocation of all sections to Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte.

Launch of youth politics programme Absolut(Arte).


Establishment of Kobalt Post Productions under the direction of René Päpke. Purchase of first editing suite and its further development.


Establishment of Kobalt Kamera under the direction of Michael Khano. First traineeship positions created.


Establishment of Kobalt Productions Film- und Fernseh GmbH. The programmes Polylux (RBB) and Tracks (Arte) go on air.


Organigramm - Kobalt Productions GmbH


Musikmarkt 07.08.2014

Arte verlost Clean-Bandit-"Hauskonzert"

Einmal bei Clean Bandit in der ersten Reihe stehen? Kein Problem! Der Kultursender Arte bringt im Rahmen der "Hauskonzert"-Reihe Clean Bandit ins heimische Wohnzimmer. Um die britischen Chartstürmer von der eigenen Couch aus bequem live genießen zu können, muss nur ein aussagekräftiges Video an Arte geschickt werden.

Presseportal Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg 19.01.2015

"Geigen gegen das Vergessen": Violinen aus dem Holocaust erklingen in Berlin

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Vogue 01.08.2014

Dokumentation "Die Ära der Supermodels" auf Arte
Auf rund 100 Fotografien sind die schönsten Frauen der Welt in der Ausstellung "Supermodels – Then and Now" zu bewundern, bis 6. September 2014 sind die Bilder in der CWC Gallery in Berlin zu sehen. Extrasehenswert: Die Arte-Dokumentation "Die Ära der Supermodels" zeigt, wie die Starmodels der 90er-Jahre zu Ikonen wurden – dazu äußert sich auch VOGUE-Chefredakteurin Christiane Arp. Ausgestrahlt wird der Film am 16. August 2014 um 22:50 Uhr. 00:02:22 Min

Maximo Park: ARTE-Hauskonzert

Maximo-Park-Privatkonzert im Wohnzimmer? Arte machts möglich: bis zum 15.März 2014 kann man sich noch bewerben.

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Intro 26.02.2014

Arte Hauskonzert

Bei Arte kann man noch bis zum 15. März ein Privatkonzert von Maximo Park gewinnen. Paul Smith und seine Herren werden beim kreativsten Bewerber spielen – die Aufzeichnung läuft dann am 26. April um 0.15 Uhr.

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Tita von Hardenberg im Gespräch

Kontinuierlich kultiviert: Kobalt feiert 15.Geburtstag

Nach dem Aus von "Polylux" hat sich die Berliner Produktionsfirma von Tita von Hardenberg mit dem Fokus auf Kulturberichterstattung neu erfunden. Zum Geburtstag spricht von Hardenberg über den Wandel ihrer Firma und Interessen. In der Regel ist es billiger Werbesprech, wenn davon gesprochen wird, dass sich eine Marke über die Jahre gewandelt hat ohne ihren Kern verloren zu haben. Im Falle der Berliner Produktionsfirma Kobalt Productions, die an diesem Freitag mit Mitarbeitern, Weggefährten und Geschäftspartnern in Berlin ihren 15.Geburtstag feiert, stimmt das jedoch, auch wenn es nicht ganz freiwillig geschah. Einst war "Polylux" zwölf Jahre lang das Aushängeschild, doch mit dem Ende des Zeitgeist-Magazins vor fünf Jahren wagte man den Ausbau des bereits parallel aufgebauten Bereichs der Kultur-Berichterstattung.

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A fast-paced journey through the world of performing arts.At  zdf.kulturpalast, no boundaries are drawnbetween classical and popularculture. Internet culture is as important a stage asthe ThaliaTheater in Hamburg. Lady Gaga has just as much say here as the revered director DimiterGotscheff. Radically subjective contributions to current events in art, theatre, film, internet and music presented by PegahFerydoni.

Every Thursday at 8.15pm on ZDFkultur

Repeated on Saturdays, 7.25pm on 3sat

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"Yourope" (ZDF / Arte) is the first international magazine for the globalized generation. Mobile, digital and internationally networked, young Europeans have an entirely different view of their continent to their parents. "Yourope" illuminates the lives and challenges of this generation. What are their working environments? What does emancipation mean to them? And how are they dealing with the European crisis? Presenter Andreas Kornraisesa burning question in each show - and every week Yourope looks to four different countries for answers.

Every Saturday at 2.15 pm on Arte.

Repeated on  Tuesdays, 11.55 pm on Arte.

To Programme Yourope on Facebook


The music magazine Tracks (Arte / WDR) is the only non-commercial music magazine on German television. Tracks shows youth cultures from around the world and provides independent music journalism – in so doing establishing itself as an influential benchmark for music television.

Every Saturday at 11.55 pm on Arte

Repeated on Tuesdays at 5 am on Arte, Fridays at 1:30 am on Arte

To programme Tracks on Facebook 


Metropolis, THE culture magazine on Arte seeks out new movements Europe-wideevery week. Here, art and culture is not only presented, but also discussed and dissected. Current debates and cultural policies stand alongside the most exciting trends and innovations from all genres. To this end, a particular city is presented each week from the perspective of its key creative individuals.

Every Saturday at 5.30 pm on Arte // Repeated on Monday,1.40 am on Arte.

To programm / Metropolis on Facebook



Who is beautiful ?

Who is beautiful? A Global Search in Five Parts: Africa - Middle East - Asia - North America - Europe. A documentary series by Claudia Bäckmann and Katrin Sandmann

Cultural Warriors

Since 2011, Katrin Sandmann (long-standing senior correspondent for SAT1/Pro7/N24)has been journeying through  current war zones and crisis areas for ZDFkultur examining culture in chaos from Baghdad to Kabul.

Season 1: Kinshasa, Port-au-Prince, Kabul, Baghdad.

Season 2: in production from autumn 2012

On the road with Jack Kerouac

Four young people make their way across America on the trail of cult author Jack Kerouac in search of the lifestyle of the crazy ‘60s. The result is a road movie, a collage of original locations, poetry slams, cinema verité, jam sessions and new adventures.

London Calling

In the last fifty years Britain’s creative lead has been unparalleled, particularly in the field of pop music. The four-part documentary series "London Calling" looks at the evolution of British pop music and its multiple influences of other art forms: visual arts, fashion and photography. How has Britpop managed this global ascent and who is behind the branding of Britain?

A Farmers search for Culture

Dieter Moor whizzes through Brandenburg and Berlin in his little green classic car making house-calls on the most interesting cultural producers of the region. A highly personal encounter with creative people such as Andreas Dreesen or Dani Levy.

Series-based on Tuesdays at 5.10 pm on RBB

Cooks and Moor

Following the same principle, in this series Moor drops in on chefs like Marko Müller, not only hands-on cooking with them, but also exploring the food chain across the region.

Series-based on Mondays at 9.20 am on RBB


The search for good stories never ends.


The escape to Europe. Winter (ZDF/ARTE)


From Binding Feet to Unbinding minds (ZDF/ARTE/BOS)


Brazil - a country is running dry (3sat) (in production)


The Escape to Europe. Why now? (ZDF/ARTE)


Iran - The Great Promise  (3sat)


Saudi Arabia – Beyond the Oil (3sat)


Björk, "Army Of Me" ( WDR/ARTE) in Production


Violins Against Forgetting - The Violins of Hope in Berlin (rbb)


Zero Hour - The Art Movement Zero (ZDF/ARTE)


Lebanon - Searching for a way forward (3sat)


Who is beautiful? A Global Search in Five Parts: Africa - Middle East - Asia - North America - Europe (ZDF/ARTE)


 Iceland - The Headstrong Island (3sat)


NSU – Terrorism on Stage – Theatrical artists put the NSU terrorist cell on trial (3sat)


The Age of the Supermodels ( ZDF/ ARTE)


Myanmar - Eyes ahead (3sat)


World Theater - From Moscow to Santiago to Tokyo ( ARTE/ZDF)


Myanmar- Colonial Heritage (3sat)


Lebanon - A country in Difficulties (3sat)




The Music is Over/Death and Pop (ZDF/ARTE)


Faces of a Big City – The Streetart of JR (RBB/ARTE)


We are Democracy! (ZDF/ARTE/WDR/ORF/SRF)


Meret Oppenheim – A surrealist in her own way (ZDF/Arte/SRF) >> DVD in ARTE Edition


The German Neighbour (ZDF/ARTE)


Kraftwerk – Pop Art (ARTE)


Stevie Wonder – Soul Genius (NDR/ARTE)


Somalia’s Comeback? (3sat)


Blackbox Pakistan (3sat)


We’re Going to Berlin! – The 50 Year Theater Reunion (3sat)


Culture Warriors: Mogadishu (ZDFkultur)


Culture Warriors: Gaza (ZDFkultur)

 2013Let’s Talk Europe – The French and the Germans – Best Friends? (ZDF/ARTE)

Let’s Talk Yourope – How is young Europe doing (ZDF/ARTE)

A selection


Friedrich. A Psychodrama – The King on the Couch (3sat)


Dragon Style - Hip Hop in China (ZDFkultur)


Yangon Calling – Punk in Myanmar (ZDFkultur)


Michael Jackson – A Life Between Black and White (ZDF/Arte)


Udo Lindeberg on Tour (NDR/Arte)


Matters – Sabine Christiansen on the road


Drill Camp (N24)


Churches, Cantatas and Kowalski (RBB)


World Theater in Mühlheim and Essen (3sat)


Born in 1968 – Children oft he Revolution (3sat)


20 Year’s of Dance in August (ZDFtheaterkanal)


The King’s Light – the Potsdam Palace(3sat)


Hong Kong’s Occupied Roofs (ARTE)


Freedom Fighters – The Freedom Theater in Jenin (ARTE)


The Armed Forces Entertainer – Clemens Schick brings theater to Afghanistan (3sat)


Theater of Change – Theater and Revolution in the GDR (3sat)


Travel in Berlin( ARTE)


Second Life - My Digital Twin (RBB)


Sibiu/Hermannstadt - between Myth and Market (3sat/ZDFtheaterkanal)


 Berlin Society (RBB)


Dance in August (3sat/ZDFtheaterkanal)


IAlways on the Ball  - The Football World Cup in Berlin (RBB)


Jesus´ young garde- The Call (ARD)


Kobalt loves concerts, musicians and their music on TV!

Since 1997, we produce the music magazine TRACKS for the European channel Arte that can be seen every week on TV and online 24/7. We spot the latest music trends from all around the globe and realize documentaries on outstanding musicians which can be seen worldwide. 

Above all, we organize, film and distribute concerts. Extraordinary artists, enthusiastic audiences, impressive images: captured moments that will always be remembered! Over the last three years, bands such as … have already been performing on our stage. 



BERLIN live: The concert experience in Berlin presents the world’s greatest musicians in a wonderful city, at a very special place.


Our Introducing evenings in Berlin are reviving the good old ‘truffle pig’ tradition. Once a month, Arte introduces exciting newcomers who are required to show the audience what they can do - with passion, enthusiasm and élan.


TRACKS discovers the latest trends in alternative music and counter-culture.

Further music productions

SPECIALS                     ARTE TRACKS LoungeZDF/ ARTE2014
 Dragon Style- Hip Hop in ChinaZDF Kultur2012
 Hauskonzert Clean BanditZDF/ARTE2014
 Hauskonzert CROZDF/ ARTE2013
 Hauskonzert MAXIMO PARKZDF/ ARTE2014
 Hauskonzert MC FittiZDF/ ARTE2014
 Herbert Grönemeyer - Fang mich an 2015
 Herbert Grönemeyer - Feuerlicht 2014
 Kraftwerk- Pop ArtZDF/ARTE2013
 London CallingZDF/ ARTE2012
 Michael Jackson- Ein Leben zwischen Schwarz und WeißZDF/ ARTE2012
 On The Road With Jack KerouacZDF/ ARTE2012
 Peter Maffay- Auf dem Weg zu mirBR/ NDR2014
 The Music Is Over/ Tod und Pop (ZDF/ARTE)ZDF/ ARTE2014
 Stevie Wonder- Soul GeniusNDR/ ARTE2013
 Yalloh - Brother 2016



tl_files/kobalt/uploads/aktuelles/Berlin Live 2015/BL_logo_kobalt_web.jpg BERLIN live            



 AAbby2013  A 


Age Of Consent



  Albert Hammond2016     
  Anna Ternheim2012   All We Are2014
  Art Brut2011   Alt-J2012
  Atari Teenage Riot2011   Atlanter2014
 B Blumentopf2012     
  Bob Geldof2016     
  Blues Pills2015     
  Bonaparte2011  BBahamas2013
  Broilers2012   Beacon2013
  Bullet2011   Braids2013
  Caspar Brötzmann Massaker2011  CChairlift2012
  Crucified Barbara2011   Charity Children2013
 DDave Stewart2016     
  Dear Reader2013   Clean Bandit2014
  dEUS2011   Clock Opera2012
  Dieter Meier2015   Coely2014
 EEinstürtzende Neubauten2011     
  Ellie Goulding2012  DDarkness Falls2012
  Evaline2011   Duchess Says2012
 F    EEinar Star2012
 GGamma Ray2011     
  Get Well Soon2012  FFarao2014
  Glasvergas2013   Fidlar2013
  Graveyard2013   Foxes2012
 H    GGordon City2014
 JJack Savoretti2015     
  Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph2013  HHeyerdahl2013
  Jonathan Jeremiah2015     
  Johnossi2011   Highasakite2014
      IIcona Pop2012
 KKäptn Peng2013   I Heart Sharks2012
  Kasabian2011   Islet2012
  King Charles2012     
  Kitty, Daisy & Lewis2015  JJaques Beauregard2012
  K.I.Z2011   Jessie Ware2012
  Kyteman Orchestra2012   Jessy Lanza2014
       Joy Wellboy2013
 LLeela James2016  KKiesza2014
 MMando Diao2011     
  Madsen2012  LLianne La Havas2012
  Mads Langer2011   Lines2012
  Max Herre2012   Linkobahn2014
  MGTM2013   Little Simz2014
      MMan Without Country2012
 N     Mikhale Paskalev2013
 O     Miracle2012
 PPatrice2013   Movement2014
  Planning To Rock2011     
 Q     Nias2012
 R     NZCA2012
 SSea & Air2013     
  Sophie2013  OOccupanther2014
  The Blood Arm2011  PPropellers2013
  The DØ2015   PS I Love You2013
  The Hives2013     
  Tito & Tarantula2012  Q  
 U    RRatking2012
 V     Retro Stefson2012
 X    SSandra Kolstad2012
 Y     Say Lou Lou2014
 Z     School Of Seven Bells2012
       Still Parade2013
       Stubborn Heart2013
      TTeam Me2012
       Ter Haar2012
       The Royal Concept2013
       The 19752013
       To Kill A King2013
      WWe Were Evergreen2014
       Wills Earl Beal2012
       Wild Belle2013
      YYoung Dreams2013
       Young & Sick2014
      ZZebra Katz2014
       Zulu Winters2012


Kobalt sees itself as a full-service provider for the online realm. When it comes to the realisation of successful online formats or web performances our design and editorial departments work in close collaboration. This also extends to virals or campaigns. Thanks to its technical know-how, Kobalt is also able to realise live streaming and editorial support. The focus is on the creation of an online presence for television broadcasts.


Developed and managed by Kobalt, the online presence of the popular culture magazine programme TRACKS functions independently of its TV counterpart with daily updated columns, videos and background information. An important and highly respected component of the music press. 



TRACKS 20.02.2016

BERLIN live presents LEFTFIELD, 19.03.2016 on ARTE

Yourope, 27.02.2016 on ARTE

The Escape To Europe. Winter 02.02.2016 on ARTE

BERLIN live presents Albert Hammond 23.01.2016 on ARTE

BERLIN live presents Leela James 30.01.2016 on ARTE

BERLIN live presents Bob Geldof 16.01.2016 on ARTE

BERLIN live presents Dave Stewart 09.01.2016 on ARTE

Metropolis 06.12.2015 on ARTE

Yourope 05.12.2015 on ARTE

Iran - The Great Promise 2015

A film by Katrin Sandmann in Co-production with 3sat /Germany

TRACKS "Web-Special" 28.11.2015 on ARTE

Yourope 21.11.2015 on ARTE

Metropolis 08.11.2015 on ARTE

Yourope 07.11.2015 on ARTE

Who is beautiful? A Global Search in Five Parts: Africa - Middle East - Asia - North America - Europe. ARTE

Rammstein in America, 24.10.2105 on ARTE

Björk Documentation, 17.10.2015 on ARTE

TRACKS 17.10.2015 on ARTE

Yourope 17.10.2015 on ARTE

Metropolis 11.10.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Jack Savoretti, 10.10.2015 on ARTE

The flight to Europe - 6.10.2015 on ARTE

ARTE Theme evening in co-production with Eco Media and Spiegel TV 

In Co-production with ZDF/arte

BERLIN live with We are The Ocean, 03.10.2015 on ARTE

Kulturpalast 26.09.2015 on 3SAT

BERLIN live with Jacob Whiteside, 29.09.2015 livestream on ARTE

Yourope 26.09.2015 on ARTE

"Kultur- Koste es, was es wolle" 06.09.2015 on ARTE

Kulturpalast, 12.09.2015 on 3SAT

Yourope 12.09.2015 on ARTE

TRACKS 06.09.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Eric Burdon, 01.08.2015 on ARTE

Kulturpalast 01.08.2015 on 3sat

BERLIN live with Donovan, 25.07.2015 on ARTE

Kulturpalast 25.07.2015 on 3sat

Metropolis 12.07.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Jonathan Jeremiah, 11.07.2015 on ARTE

Kulturpalast 04.07.2015 on 3Sat

Yourope 04.07.2015 on ARTE

Metropolis 28.06.2015 on ARTE

TRACKS, 06.06.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Texas 27.06.2015

BERLIN Live, 06.06.2015 on ARTE

Yourope, 06.06.2015 on ARTE

Metropolis, 24th May 2015 on ARTE

Yourope, 23th of MAy on ARTE

TRACKS, 16.05.2015 on ARTE

Yourope "Expo 2015", 09.05.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, 09.05.2015 on ARTE

Metropolis, 26.04.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with Apocalyptica, 02.05.2015 on ARTE

Yourope "Home Sweet Home" , 25.04.2015 on ARTE

BERLIN live with The Dø, 11.04.2015 on ARTE

Violins of Hope- 27th of January 2015, 22h45 on rbb

Stefan MathieuKatharina MausNikolaus StroblFrançoise AldozoChristoph SchlentherJulia HeyConstance WendrichKatrin SandmannVolker HeimannJanin RennerStefan DolckAnahita NazemiBirgit HerdlitschkeMarie TiemannTita von HardenbergKarsten GravertClaudia BäckmannFrauke SchlieckauAndreas KornJanina RookJuli ReineckeJulia RöttgermannAnne WinklerJohannes SieverdingDaniel BöhmMax WendPegah FerydoniChristine FranzNina SonnenbergJasper ThimmRené PäpkeStefanie ReichelOliver WernerGerard CañadesFabian KunadDavid SeegerJakob KastnerSören SteffenDaniel Lukas LatzelAlexander SeidenstückerMartin MichaelsUdo KreterFlorian HenkeElita CuccaroloPaul SchunackTimm Enkelmann

Design & Image

An independent unit of Kobalt develops and produces commercials, corporate videos, on-air design, virtual studios, and more. An experienced team of consultants, designers, designers, FX artists, and musicians lend the variety of formats a clear brand management with a strong visual character.